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Restarting accreditation assessments
16 June 2020

From September 2020

We’re pleased to announce that we are aiming to restart accreditation assessments in September. This means that services can submit their self-assessment from 1 July, ready for an assessment from September. For the remainder of 2020, to reduce risk to members of the public, lay assessors will not be present on site though will play a crucial role in the assessment remotely. We are adapting the assessments so that some parts can be carried out remotely and through video communication. However, we know how important it is to physically be on site to review the environment and meet the senior team and so some other parts of the assessment will aim to continue as normal, with the remaining assessors on site for a shorter day.

We will be arranging remote training sessions and coaching support for assessors in summer and providing more detailed information to services who request an assessment, so we can work through the practicalities with them.

If you are part of a service that is ready for an assessment, please email or so we can explain more about the process.



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