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QPIDS 2023 census - deadline extension
5 June 2023

New deadline - 30 June 2023

The QPIDS team would like to inform services that we have decided to further extend the submission deadline for the census until Friday 30 June. If you have not already completed the census, it is available to complete via your assessment dashboard on the QPIDS website, or directly on SurveyMonkey.

To make collaboration with your team easier, you have the option to download and print the questionnaire. This way, you can work together to answer the questions and then input them all at once on your dashboard, saving time and effort.

We kindly ask for your participation in providing the requested data to enable us to collect key service intelligence on staffing and patient activity. Completing the census is crucial as it provides essential information that will help us to best support services and gain a deeper understanding of the current position of immunology in the UK.

Please be aware that SurveyMonkey's platform does not provide the functionality to log in and out or review your responses after submission. Attempting to use the back button on your browser will result in incomplete or inaccurate data, which can lead to issues with the census. However, you may use the 'previous' button located at the bottom of the page to modify your responses. Please note that the QPIDS census must be completed in one sitting. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the QPIDS team.

Please read carefully and take any action requested - this message will not be shown the next time you log in