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Results from the 2019 QPIDS annual census
19 May 2020

In 2019, 35 services completed the QPIDS annual census, making it the largest survey since the initiative began. Individual reports were sent to services so they could benchmark their service against the national results. The report of the national results can be found here.

Approximately 8,700 PID patients were treated by the 35 services responding to the census. The mean number of patients per service was 248. This average has remained relatively stable since the first census in 2017.

Over 1,600 SID patients were treated in 2019. The mean number of SID patients seen by service rose slightly (from 43 to 48) since 2018. 

Of the 615 patients switching product due to non-availability, about 5% suffered a local reaction. An additional 397 hospital visits were needed to facilitate product switch. Of 802 patients recorded as having switched product last year, 0.6% were reported to have suffered a local reaction. Systemic reactions were reported to have occurred in a little under 1% of cases. 

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